2007 Master of Architecture

Stacey Au
Julie Cloutier
Jonny Doan
Shelley Farrell
Alecia Geno
Joyce Hsu
Peter Hyer
Kenly Lambie
Michael Limaco
Wenn Murphy
Kristin Murtagh
Chen-Ju Pan
Christina Richards
Tomohiko Sakai
Aaron Singer
Ai Todo
Mahsa Vanaki
Fernanda Vuilleumier
Joel Williams
Andris Zobs

Fernanda Vuilleumier
competition Designed  Public Library
guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
designed for a public library of 2 million volumes and 3 million annual visitors, the design was conceived as the physical manifestation of the library's role as informational, cultural, and urban connection point The criss-crossed floorplan offers simple wayfinding and varied atrium spaces. The copper honeycomb skin offers shifting transparency and shields the glazed facade from solar exposure.
2004 Team Carlos Santoscoy, Lincoln Lighthill, Fernanda Vuilleumier
Artist Statement
Architecture is conditioned by objectivity, by rules, laws; this to explain the order of Urban Planning that is mixed in with the visual language of nature, of transformation, of topography, of climate, of society, of culture, of economy, of politics, of landscape, of planting and laying out; reflected in space and in time. It can be seen as a compendium that takes in architecture, urban planning and environment, made up of communities with a mixture of urban construction and living beings.

Matter, materials, the combination of elements, structure, foundations, installations and everything we call architecture, as well as infrastructure in its geographical exploitation by human evolution, technology and the crowding together of millions and millions of people, turns architecture into a global paradigm. All of this is a way of understanding architecture in its widest sense.

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